SGL chemical weekly aug16Standard Glass Lining Technology Pvt. Ltd. (SGL) was pleased to be included in a special report in the Chemical Weekly magazine last week.

Mr Nagesh Rao, Managing Director of SGL said, "Chemical Weekly hosts all the latest news from the leading players in the Pharmaceutical Industry sector and it was very pleasing to see SGL along side prestigious companies such as Dr Reddy's, Hetero, Sun Pharma and Teva in the publication.

Standard Glass Lining Technology is a leading supplier of glass lined equipment to clients in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and biochemical sectors. Their products include, glass lined reactors, glass lined receivers and glass lined storage tanks ... essentially anything and everything that requires a high performance, hard wearing, highly chemical resistant wetted surface in contact with the process media.

Check out SGL's publication in the Chemical Weekly magazine here or click on the image