SGL 6300L glass lined reactorToday Standard Glass Lining Technology (SGL) dispatched two Glass Lined Reactors with 6,300 litre capacity

The Glass Lined AE6.3KL Reactors were manufactured for a global leading company in anti-infectives in the Pharmaceutical sector.

The company manufactures generic pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients primarily for export from India to Europe, South America and the USA. They selected SGL because of the companies impeccable service credentials and world-class manufacturing quality.

The client said, "the Standard Glass Lining technology ranks among the best in the world in terms chemical resistance and durability and therefore is ideal for our multi-purpose facility".

Nagesh Rao, Managing Director said, "6,300 litre glass lined reactors are quite impressive in size, however SGL is capable of manufacturing much larger.... 15,000 litres is achievable".