Standard glass new 2020 facility construction 1

The Standard Group of Companies has significant expansion plans for 2020 and Standard Glass Lining Technology is firmly at the centre of this development and investment focus.

In 2019, the Standard Group purchased a 10 acre site on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India, adjacent to the cities outer ring road.

Work commenced in September to construct a 100,000sqft new glass lining facility, given Standard Glass Lining Technology was outgrowing their existing FOUR premises.

In January 2020 the construction continued to press ahead with the factory steel work and shell being erected, as shown.

This enormous new glass lining development will be a world class facility extending the Standard Groups manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the 2020-2022 sales growth and forecast. 

Standard glass new 2020 facility construction 2Standard glass new 2020 facility construction 3